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We are one of the most successful web development firm in Dubai, and as such, we prioritize minimizing the amount of time needed to complete each project. This helps to ensure that our customers are delighted. Mega Task Web provides website development services in various computer languages and frameworks. These languages and frameworks include PHP, Drupal, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Magento, Laravel, NodeJS, AngularJS, Joomla, and C#. Consequently, we became the most successful web development firm in the Dubai. Because our professionals have years of experience creating high-quality websites, they can guarantee that your brand or company will have a website that truly expresses the essence of who they are.

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What is Included in Website Development?

Web development services include everything relevant to constructing a web solution, whether a straightforward text page or an intricate online application. Many individuals consider "web development" to use several programming languages to create the code for a web application and put everything together. However, web developers can also assist with various other duties, including online design, content development, scripting language, search engine optimization (SEO), web app maintenance, debugging, and safety precautions. This is done to guarantee that the web application or some other development project functions precisely as it should.

Why Choose Us

We at Mega Task Web are determined to provide you with exceptional web development service and promise you the following benefits with our web development:

Mobile Friendly Websites

We design, develop and maintain websites that are specific to mobile users. This includes drawing the website's wireframe, the user interface, the backend and frontend programming, and all other aspects of maintaining a mobile-centric website.

Laravel Development

Laravel is an open web application Php framework that simplifies routine activities integral to most web development projects. These duties include authentication and routing, as well as sessions and caching. Laravel's goal is to make the application development experience more enjoyable for developers without compromising the applications' capabilities.

E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce websites offer an online shopping experience that includes selecting, comparing, budgeting, and purchasing products online through various payment gateways. We at Mega Task Web provide a complete E-Commerce Website that promises results.

Web Design

We at Mega Task Web Development handles all process of web designing. The process of designing a website entails constructing the architecture of the website, as well as developing its style and UI, and coding it so that it functions properly. Our web designers will generate wireframes and mockups for you to look at so that you can have an idea of what the final product of the web app will look like. These can then be updated according to your preferences and the development of the code. In addition, we are responsible for designing optimized editions of web apps and sites for reading on desktop computers and mobile devices, as well as adding any interactive aspects.

Web Programming

Building dynamic web applications, as opposed to merely regular web apps, is an essential part of web application development, often known as web programming. We will assist you with anything from front-end to back-end architecture and even help you establish APIs that other businesses can use to connect your application to their own service by utilizing programming languages such as PHP, Ruby on Rails, or Java. We also help you to build your own individual APIs.

Maintenance and Support of Websites

After completing your website design, we also help you with bug fixes and updates to ensure it continues running well. These encompass everything from reviewing your web service for broken links and scripts to upgrading the content of your web app or adding new features, all to ensure that your web app is always up to date. When a problem with your web app occurs, our web developer can assist with SEO to ensure that your site ranks effectively in search results.

Hosting of Websites

Web hosting is keeping the files for your web application on a server connected to the internet and can be accessed from any location in the globe. As part of our service, we, as a specialized web development service provider, will offer you a dedicated server for your website or web application. In addition, we will also manage the servers, provide backup services, maintain software, ensure security, and provide technical support.

Optimization of Websites

The practice of making websites and web applications more accessible to users and available to search engines is called web optimization. Our web developers will start by analyzing your page's performance regarding search engine optimization (SEO), speed, load times, backlinks, and mobile experience. After that, they will provide their alternate solutions and make recommendations on how the rank of your web app can be improved.

Services We Offer

Our Web Development provides a diverse selection of services, allowing you to choose the one that most effectively meets your requirements. Our development team is built according to your project's specifications. We create a website that is entirely unique to the client, assist with the website's routine maintenance, design a web application, or optimize the client's existing web application. The following are some of our most common Web Development Services.

Responsive Color
Bussiness Analysis

Incisive business analysis for excellent concept development.

Mobile Friendly
User Interface

Intuitive user interface design to reduce the number of users that abandon a site.

Increase engagement and Conversions

A more up-to-date user interface to increase engagement and conversions

Digital Realm

Dependable functionality for a satisfying experience in the digital realm.

Regular Update

Regular updates to ensure that your website solution is up-to-date and relevant.

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